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About LINC

LINC is a US-based small business that assists local and international organizations to design effectively, increase institutional capacity, forge lasting partnerships, and measure impact. We have developed ground-breaking tools to map organizational networks, measure social capital, and leverage systems-based approaches to development. We understand the unique constraints local organizations face, and offer practical solutions via training, consulting services, research and advocacy. At LINC, we believe that a practical approach to engaging committed, capable local organizations in leading their own development increases international development effectiveness and sustainability.

Our clients include local organizations from a variety of backgrounds, headquartered in Africa, Latin America and Asia and united by a vision of leading their own development. They include local NGOs such as Adeso Africa implementing resilience programming throughout the Horn of Africa and leading an ambitious global advocacy initiative. They include national grant-making foundations such as Fondo Unido, supporting hundreds of civil society organizations throughout Mexico.

We have taken our work to scale with the support of international donors, enhancing the design, monitoring and evaluation of locally-led initiatives throughout the world for clients including the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and UK Department of International Development (DFID). We help these donors in Cambodia, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Mexico and Nicaragua to assess their own role in local systems, skills and aspirations of local actors, and the means of strengthening them over time.

Our staff are international development professionals with decades-long experience working hand-in-hand with local organizations in diverse sectors and geographies. We are determined to provide practical paths for local organizations to lead their own development, vigorously document progress over time, and demonstrate results.

LINC is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Washington D.C.