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Local NGO Training in León, Mexico

Local NGO Training in León, Mexico - IMG 1828
26 participants from 18 organizations undertook a number of practice-based participatory activities throughout the two-day workshop.

In early 2015, LINC launched a partnership with Fondo Unido Mexico (United Way Mexico, FUM) to support capacity building of Mexican civil society organizations. In October, LINC delivered an intensive workshop on Project Cycle Management in León, Guanajuato, Mexico for participants from 18 of FUM’s partner organizations.

In the León workshop, participant organizations had excellent experience to draw on and to share with each other. Lively discussions were facilitated around understanding the causal relationships that drive project impact, and measuring results. Participants found the planning, progress monitoring and management tools that were shared to be extremely useful for their work.

Overall the activity was a great success, and another workshop will be offered in Guadalajara, Mexico. Earlier in 2015 a similar workshop was held with 28 of FUM’s partner organizations who are not applying what they have learned in their own organizations. We hope to reach over 100 Mexican NGOs before we are finished!