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COVID-19 Survey for Civil Society Organizations

LINC is conducting this survey in order to better understand how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting local civil society organizations and social change efforts around the world.

The results of this survey will be used to communicate the effect of COVID-19 on local civil society, provide advice to donors and international groups on how they can respond in the short and long term, and to inform how we at LINC can better support locally-led development.

We invite you to take this survey to: 

  • Share your concerns about operating during and after the pandemic
  • Have your voice heard by donors and international groups
  • Learn how other local organizations are coping with COVID-19

If you have questions about this effort, please contact our team: covid-response@linclocal.org.

Thank you,
The LINC Team

COVID-19 Survey for Civil Society Organizations - have your voice heard covid19 survey