LINC is implementing the Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Adaptation (MESA) Activity, which aims to strengthen the MEL and CLA systems and capacities within USAID/Mexico and its implementing partners, to support the implementation of USAID’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS).

LINC is implementing the “Multi-Stakeholders Strengthening Activity (MAS)”, funded by USAID and in partnership with FICOSEC and Corporativa de Fundaciones (Corporativa). MAS aims at increasing trust and collaboration among the private sector, civil society and the government to effectively address problems that affect communities related to USAID’s priority areas.

In 2015, LINC partnered with Mexican NGO Fondo Unido Mexico (FUM) for the USAID-funded Local Capacity Development Activity (LCDA) to develop and self-sustain the Civil Society Organizational Training Certificate Program. Read more.