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Diana Harper

Diana Harper, Program Director, is an experienced project manager with expertise in capacity development and evaluation and research methods. Across the past 15 years, she has advanced data-driven decision making and sustainability in the health, democracy, and youth sectors.

Prior to joining LINC, Diana led youth violence prevention projects at USAID in Mexico, collaborating closely with local organizations, government partners, and the private sector to increase program reach and sustainability. At USAID’s Global Health Bureau, she designed rigorous evaluation plans to assess the performance and impact of projects ranging from small innovation grants to billion-dollar worldwide assistance packages. She has championed the use of systems and complexity-aware methods for MEL, as well as participatory approaches that empower local stakeholders to take the lead. As an analyst at a leading U.S. health care consulting firm, she developed research and training products that were applied at more than 1,000 institutions nationwide. She has also conducted advocacy campaigns for improving TB treatment in Eastern Europe and expanding access to childhood vaccines in Africa and Asia.

Diana has an MPH from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Political Economy from Georgetown University. She speaks Spanish and currently lives in Berlin (Germany).

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