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LINC’s Workshops for Local NGOs

LINC is launching the first in a series of workshops for Local NGOs
This two-day workshop provides “tricks of the trade” for local NGOs to effectively anticipate, partner, and respond to USAID procurements

LINC is always researching ways to help local, national and regional organizations take on more responsibility and deliver higher quality in the development efforts targeting their beneficiaries. Feedback from our international donor and international NGO contacts consistently identifies several core needs for their local NGO partners, and echoes the demand we are receiving from LNGOs around the world. The top priorities are clear:

  • Tracking, preparing for and responding to donor funding opportunities
  • Understanding RFAs/RFPs, proposal submission requirements, and the award process
  • Marketing materials and “telling your story”
  • Managing compliance and documentation
  • Monitoring and evaluation for performance management and communications

The first workshop in the series, “Positioning, Preparing and Partnering for USAID Awards,” clears up common confusion around proposal submission requirements and donor/partner expectations, assisting participating NGOs to be more proactive and savvy throughout the application and award process.