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Contracting Vehicles

LINC holds several multi-year contracting vehicles with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), that enable rapid service provision in a range of technical areas and locations around the world. The contracting vehicles are listed below.

  • Central America Regional Support Services (CARSS) IDIQ

2023 – 2027. LINC leads a consortium prepared to provide USAID Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean with service solutions for addressing issues affecting the root causes of irregular migration to the United States. Specifically, to address economic insecurity, strengthen democratic governance, reduce gender-based violence, promote respect for human rights and a free press, and address migration dynamics; improve resilience to climate change, food security, and health threats; and strengthen the capacity of local partners and provide technical and management expertise to USAID missions. LINC’s subcontractors under this IDIQ are the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI), CARE, Winrock International, women-owned Bluelaw International, Econoler, and IREX.

2021 – 2026. LINC is prime to a consortium ready to support USAID Missions and Operating Units, and USAID’s many host-country partners, with technical assistance and advisory services, training, and direct program implementation in diverse Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance sectors. LINC’s team under this IDIQ includes the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI), International Business and Technical Consultants (IBTCI), Nathan AssociatesPact, and Adapt.

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2020-2025. LINC leads a consortium prepared to design and conduct evaluations, sector studies, assessments, and analyses; develop knowledge management tools, and conduct trainings in partnership with USAID missions and partners throughout Kenya and the East Africa region. LINC’s subcontractors under this IDIQ are The Cloudburst Group, ICF Macro, Advantech Consulting, and University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services (UNES).

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2020-2025. LINC leads a consortium to help USAID Bureaus and Operating Units more effectively support countries and local actors as they become more self-reliant by providing technical and advisory services for monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL). LINC’s subcontractors under this IDIQ are The Cloudburst Group, RTI International, and DevLab@Penn.

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2016–2024. LINC is a subcontractor to Johns Hopkins University. Through SPACES, LINC helps USAID Missions and Bureaus to think systemically and apply monitoring, evaluation and learning tools such as social network analysis, participatory systems mapping, and outcome harvesting. To date, LINC has undertaken eight SPACES assignments in 7 countries, including Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

  • Regional Integration and Stronger Economies (RISE) IDIQ

2020-2027. LINC is a subcontractor to TetraTech under this IDIQ implementing economic growth and market systems programming throughout East Africa. On this team, LINC contributes its technical leadership in workforce development, market systems analytics, and local capacity development.


For more information on these contracting vehicles, please email us at info@linclocal.org