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Recruitment Notice: Conference Facilitator


LINC is a US-based small business that assists local and international organizations to design effectively, increase institutional capacity, forge lasting partnerships, and measure impact. We have developed ground-breaking tools to map organizational networks, measure social capital, and leverage systems-based approaches to development. We understand the unique constraints local organizations face, and offer practical solutions via training, consulting services, research and advocacy. At LINC, we believe that a practical approach to engaging committed, capable local organizations in leading their own development increases international development effectiveness and sustainability.

Position Description

LINC is seeking a facilitator for an “unconference” event we are hosting in Washington, DC on November 19-20. We anticipate that the event will have 40-50 attendees. The event will be a mix of interactive presentations, panel discussions, and facilitated breakout sessions. We are looking for someone who would be able to provide the following facilitation services:

  • 1-2 facilitators present from 9 am – 5 pm on Monday, Nov. 19th
  • Weekly prep calls with the team in advance of the event
  • Assistance in developing the event agenda, and session formats
  • Emcee the first day of the conference

Our team will handle all of the invitations, RSVPs, and materials procurement.

Additionally, below please find a blurb about the event which is for USAID contractors, and select USAID representatives:

“The Local Systems Practice (LSP) consortium, one of E3/LS’ four research partners, is hosting an event to facilitate knowledge sharing, learning, and collaboration among all members of the Local Works ecosystem. The four Local Works research consortia, representing twelve organizations, are tackling topics including aid exit strategies, systems and feedback tools, and civil society organization financial sustainability. This will be an opportunity for the four consortia to reflect on their efforts so far and identify ways that their work can most effectively contribute to locally-led development practice.

The event is planned for November 19-20 and will be held in DC, exact location TBD. Participants will include representatives from all four Local Works research consortia, select local partners and select mission staff who have been significantly involved in Local Works activities. The consortia members have also requested the attendance of Local Works DC staff. This event will be most useful for staff that are actively involved in the day-to-day activities of Local Works.”


Potential offerors must provide a single, one-page description (1 inch margins on all sides, 12 point, Times New Roman, in Microsoft Word) (“Technical Proposal”) of their services as related to the bullet points above and a single fixed-price for all the services detailed in the Technical Proposal.  Proposals and price are due by October 31, 2018 to amurphy@linclocal.org.