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Consultant – Indigenous Populations Consultations Expert

Position: Indigenous Populations Consultations Expert

Location: Remote, with possibility for in-person meetings if in Mexico City

Position Status: Short-Term Consultant

About LINC

LINC is a mission-driven US-based small business committed to supporting local stakeholders to lead their own development. We work to achieve our mission through research on best practices, monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) to improve programming, capacity strengthening for both international practitioners and local actors, facilitating collective and collaborative processes, and implementing innovative programs. In Mexico, LINC is implementing the USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Adaptation (MESA) Activity (2022-2027), which is designed to strengthen the monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) and collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) systems and capacity of the USAID/Mexico Mission and its implementing partners.

The USAID/Mexico Program Office and Office of Sustainable Development have requested MESA’s support to review and refine a process for consulting with indigenous populations that complies with USAID policy, Mexican law, and other best practices. In 2020, USAID launched its Policy on Promoting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This Policy recognizes the value of Indigenous Peoples’ own decision-making processes and visions for development. In Mexico, the Mission’s current and expected future portfolio overlaps with geographic areas or interests of indigenous populations located in the Northern and Southern regions of the country.

  • This assignment will provide USAID/Mexico information on: The national framework for engagement or consultation with indigenous populations and USAID’s role in required free, prior, and informed consent processes.
  • Key considerations and best practices in activity design that may impact indigenous populations, and when making the decision of whether to engage with indigenous populations.
  • How to revise the current USAID/Mexico Indigenous Populations Consultation workbook to ensure compliance with the USAID policy, Mexican law, and other interests of USAID/Mexico.

Consultancy Description

MESA is seeking a consultant to conduct informational discussions to answer USAID/Mexico’s questions, complete a review of the current workbook, and recommend concrete revisions to the workbook and other tools or guides that USAID/Mexico uses based on the consultant’s experience and the interests of the Mission. The consultant must have expertise in engaging indigenous populations of Mexico, have a deep understanding of relevant Mexican law, and be able to provide specific recommendations to USAID/Mexico to improve its processes and guidelines for consulting and engaging indigenous populations.

Tasks and Activities

Working under the direction of the Chief of Party, and collaborating with the MESA Data Management and Visualization Specialist, and other relevant LINC and USAID/Mexico staff, the consultant will complete the following:

  • Participate in kick-off meetings with MESA and with USAID/Mexico, as appropriate, to clarify the needs and expectations for this assignment.
  • Draft a simple calendar or Gantt chart for the assignment with key meetings and milestones noted.
  • Prepare and conduct a presentation and discussion for USAID/Mexico staff, in particular, to explain or clarify “how does the Mexican Government runs consultation processes and what would USAID’s role be in that situation?” among other questions that USAID/Mexico has regarding the process.
  • Review the process described in the draft GUÍA DE USAID/MÉXICO PARA PROCESOS CONSULTIVOS CON PUEBLOS Y COMUNIDADES INDÍGENAS DE MÉXICO, including key steps, key questions, annex tools, and/or other necessary components for USAID/Mexico to apply when determining whether and how a consultation is needed. The review should consider:
    • Guides, workbooks, and other similar support documents from USAID Missions on best practices for engaging indigenous populations in other Latin American countries.
    • Inputs from staff and/or implementing partners of the Office for Sustainable Development with relevant experience in consulting or engaging with indigenous populations in Mexico, particularly in the context of designing or implementing development activities with the support of USAID/Mexico.
    • Applicable Mexican Law regarding consultations with indigenous populations according to the type and location of potential or current projects.
    • Other best practices the consultant has knowledge of for planning, scheduling, holding, and following up on consultations.
  • Review and incorporate feedback from the USAID/Mexico points of contact into the final deliverables.


  • A final, revised guide for determining if consultations are required and if so, when and how USAID/Mexico should engage indigenous populations.
  • Presentation of the guide to the USAID/Mexico points of contact.
  • Presentation on the process required by the federal law on indigenous consultations led by the Mexican Government, and potential roles for USAID/Mexico when the situation arises.
  • Other products, as requested by LINC and/or USAID, which are consistent with this SOW.


Remote technical assistance and online participation. If appropriate and feasible, in-person meetings may be organized in Mexico City.


Up to 12 days (equivalent to 96 hours) total are anticipated between February 12 and March 31,


  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in Mexican law, best practices, and needs for consulting indigenous populations on social and environmental projects.
  • A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience supporting consultations with indigenous populations in Mexico.
  • A Masters Degree in a relevant field, or equivalent experience to substitute for graduate-level study.
  • Fluency in Spanish and ability to read and analyze reports in English.

Application Instructions

Please send your resume/CV and daily rate to mesajobs@linclocal.org with the subject line “Indigenous Populations Consultations”. All applications will be reviewed, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.