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Call for Expression of Interest – Consulting Services for USAID/MESA Activity


LINC is a small business, headquartered in Washington DC, dedicated to strengthening local actors and systems. At LINC, we believe that a practical approach to engaging committed, capable local actors, increases international development effectiveness and sustainability. Awarded USAID’s “Small Business of the Year” distinction in 2017, we are a team of reflective practitioners, passionate and energetic in our work, and committed to locally led development. We partner with major universities, foundations, local NGOs, consulting firms, and international cooperation agencies, including USAID. For more information on LINC, please visit www.linclocal.org.

In Mexico, LINC is implementing the USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Adaptation (MESA) Activity (2022-2027), which is designed to strengthen the monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) and collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) systems and capacity of the USAID/Mexico Mission and its implementing partners through assistance with designing and carrying out monitoring; evaluations, assessments, and studies; and collaboration and capacity building for the USAID/Mexico mission and its implementing partners. LINC is implementing this Activity with the support of local subcontractor, Sistemas de Inteligencia en Mercados y Opinión (SIMO), an exceptionally experienced female-led consultancy firm that specializes in evaluation and research.

USAID/Mexico MESA Activity Scope of Work

The MESA Activity provides a range of demand-driven services to USAID/Mexico, with a focus on three component areas. Services to be provided under the current contract with USAID/Mexico include:

  • Monitoring: Developing and/or refining indicators and conducting data quality assurance, indicator data reporting, management, analysis, and visualizations.
  • Evaluations, Assessments, and Other Studies: Conducting evaluation planning, design, learning, and dissemination; assessments and other studies to inform activity design and/or improvement.
  • Collaboration and Capacity Building: Supporting and facilitating Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) processes and engagements with stakeholders, developing Communities of Practice, and MEL and CLA capacity building.

Consultancy Services to Support the Implementation of Selected Activity in the Scope of Work

To provide planned services under this scope of work, the USAID/Mexico MESA Activity intends to work with pre-qualified local organizations and independent consultants in ways that enhances their capacities and prepares them for working directly with USAID/Mexico. Thus, the MESA Activity is calling for Expression of Interest from qualified Consulting Firms, Research Institutions, and Independent Consultants to be assessed for pre-qualification to perform tasks in the following MEL and CLA activities:

Task Area 1: Research and Analysis
  • Assessments and Special Studies
    • Surveys
Task Area 2: Evaluation Services
  • Performance Evaluation Studies
  • Impact Evaluation Studies
Task Area 3: Capacity Building and Learning Support Services
  • Capacity Building Support to USAID/Mexico Staff and Implementing Partners.


Qualification of the local organization is contingent on their ability to demonstrate a) registration with the relevant Mexican authority; and b) the organization and key personnel’s experience in carrying out assignments in the task areas listed above.

Qualification of local independent consultants is contingent on their ability to demonstrate a) legal authorization to work in Mexico; and b) experience in carrying out assignments in task areas listed above.

Interested local organizations and consultants must complete this form and upload the evidence of qualification. Please note that the Mexico MESA Activity is under no obligation to use the services of any interested organizations.