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An Update from LINC

The LINC staff team
The LINC team at the 2024 annual planning meeting.

Last year, we marked LINC’s 10th anniversary. As our team gathered earlier this year to reflect on our work from our first decade and look towards the next one, we decided to make some updates to our corporate identity based on our experience and aspirations. Specifically, we updated our vision statement and corporate values. Our mission of “working alongside local actors to create sustained changes” remains the same, as it is the foundation that underpins our work. We are proud to share these updates with you.

Our updated vision statement is: “A world where locally led development inspires the well-being of people and their communities.” This new formulation recommits us to working to inspire communities, promote sustainable development, and create lasting impact through locally led development.

We also updated our core values to align even more closely with our mission and vision: Accountability, humility, diversity, respect, practicality, and curiosity. These are the new guiding principles for our organization, our work, and our staff. These values will shape our decisions, actions, and relationships.

Our commitment to locally led development has always been at the forefront of our work and success, and our updated vision and values further underscore this commitment. Through our work with local and international organizations, governments, and communities, we strive to better understand how local systems work; elevate local voices; learn and adapt from our experiences; and facilitate local leadership in ways that help local communities define their own development.

As we embark on LINC’s next decade, we look forward to continuing working in our pursuit of a world where locally led development catalyzes the well-being of all. We hope to contribute to a future where communities thrive, opportunities flourish, and every individual and their community has the chance to reach their full potential in the place that they call home.

This blog was authored by Stephanie Lacouture

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