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AEA 2019

LINC presented at the Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) in Minneapolis. See our presentation materials below.

Presentation 1: Peek-a-boo: Communicating Network Analysis Findings through Online Visualization

Session Number: 2708

Presenter: Patrick Sommerville

Room Assignment: CC 200 G

Time: Friday, November 15 (3:30-4:15PM)

Presentation Materials: Click on the embedded power point contained on this page, and Maps that we will explore here:

Map 1 Nicaragua

Map 2: Impact Investing

Map 3: Zambia Publications

Abstract: Social Network Analysis (SNA) is able to leverage the unique powers of visualization to communicate its findings through maps. Nonetheless, users of the maps quickly find themselves overwhelmed, bombarded by an array of nodes and edges accompanied by complex metrics. How can the powers of visualization be harnessed to clearly communicate complex network analysis findings to diverse online audiences? Presented by Patrick Sommerville of LINC, this demonstration will explore three interactive network maps that LINC has posted online, the communications strategy behind them, technical architecture of the maps, and observations on their varied levels of effectiveness in communicating desired policy messages.

The first map is from a workforce development network analysis in Nicaragua and available here: https://linclocal.org/nicaraguamap/. The second map is from a global impact investment network and available here: https://linclocal.org/2018/06/14/exploring-impact-investor-communities-through-network-analysis/. The third and final map is from a public health research network and available here: https://linclocal.org/2018/03/19/zambia-research-network-analysis/

Presentation 2: Research-Practice Partnerships.

Charting the Journey: Defining Success for Research-Practice Partnerships (RPPs)

RPP One-Pager: What is a Research-Practice Partnership (RPP)?